Nintex (on-prim) Workflow Migration to SharePoint Online - Key Considerations!

In this blog, I am providing the background info related to key considerations that you need to know while planning for Nintex Workflow migration to SharePoint Online. I have used Nintex, K2 and SharePoint designer based workflows in my earlier projects and thus hope that this blog will be of some help for projects involving Nintex.

Let me start with giving an overview of Nintex Workflow and related setup including actions as shown in below two diagrams:


Please note that the migration of Nintex workflows to SharePoint Online (Office 365) is a different method than currently employed for on-premises.  The natural differences between on-premises vs online as well as the limited support of actions available from Nintex leads us to taking an alternate approach for these objects.

Requirements and Caveats

So, before migration, please note the following list of requirements and caveats: 

  • The latest version of the Nintex Workflow App must be deployed and licensed in the destination SharePoint Online site before migration. If you cannot open the Nintex Workflow Designer in your destination SharePoint Online site, create a workflow and successfully publish it, do not attempt to migrate into this location until this is resolved.
  • The user authenticating against the destination SharePoint Online location must have Site Collection Administrator permission.
  • User Defined Actions (UDAs) are not currently supported.
  • Workflow status, workflow history and workflow metadata are not currently supported.
  • If the workflow contains an "Action Set", please make sure to enable the destination site feature "Workflows can use app permissions" prior to the migration.
  • Pleate note that Not all on-premises workflow actions are supported within the Nintex Workflow App.  Please take a look at the following table for the list of currently supported actions for SharePoint Online.  Please note that while the actions are mapped based on this table, the action label (it's name) will be retained from the source when viewed in Nintex Online Workflow Designer.


Supported Nintex Workflow Actions in SharePoint Online

The following table lists the on-premises Nintex workflow actions that can be migrated into SharePoint Online.
Please note that even though an action may be listed as supported, that does not mean that all parameters in the on-premise action has an equivalent in its online counterpart.  Please be sure to review, test and adjust where necessary all migrated Nintex workflows. 

On-premises Actions Online Actions
Assign Flexi Task Start a task process
Filter Filter
Log in History List Log to History List
Change State Set Next State
Math Operation Do Calculation
Convert Value Convert Value
Create Item Create List Item
Pause for... Pause for Duration
Discard Check Out Discard Check Out Item
Build String Build String
End Workflow Terminate Current Workflow
Calculate Date Add Time to Date
Loop Loop with Condition
Check Out Item Check Out Item
Delete Item Delete Item
Pause Until Pause until Date
Query list Query List
Regular Expression Regular Expression
Set Field Value Set Field in Current Item
Set a Condition Conditional Branch
Send Notification Send an Email
Switch Switch
State Machine State Machine
Wait for item update Wait for Field Change in Current Item
Set Variable Set Workflow Variable
Run If Run If
Run Parallel Actions Parallel Block
Set Workflow Status Set Workflow Status
Update Item Update List Item



As a part of migration projects, I am always asked to provide consulting advice on differences between MS Flow, Nintex and SharePoint designer workflow. So I plan to prepare a matrix to publish the same in the near future.

Please do share your experience with similar migration work and if above blog was of any help then please Like, Share or Comment. Thanks.


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